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Lucy is laughing. Through the cloud of smoke, I watch her place her lips on the end of the dainty glass pipe filled with weed her father has mailed her all the way from California. I have questions (about her father, about her life, about the postal system), but I am too distracted to ask them. I fear that I am losing my hearing.

One of my ears is numb and bloated-feeling, like one half of my face is submerged in water. I pin the corners of my mouth up crookedly in response to a question I believe someone has…

Most bat species don’t mate for life. We should get that out of the way right now, since that seems somehow to have become the parameter by which the love of non-human animals is measured. Many bats have, however, been known to perform oral sex — or the batty equivalent — such as, for example, the short-nosed fruit bat, which buries its face in its partners’ (that’s plural because, remember, bats are sluts) nethers and goes to town until the two are so entwined in one another that they don’t even notice they’re plummeting for the ground.

When was the…

It was a sunny Friday afternoon, and I was holding out my phone, voice shaking as I asked my partner to impersonate my dead mom. I had been speaking with Yahoo’s customer service center for over an hour, working through the phone tree again and again. I was almost to the point of breakdown when, on my fourth go-round, a kind voice on another continent suggested I put my mother on the line.

When I was younger, my mom recited a familiar refrain: “Careful what you put online — it’ll come back to haunt you.” I pictured my posts in…

This week’s spotlight Q&A is with award-winning artist and activist Jason Naylor, author of the bright, bold, and inspiring new book Live Life Colorfully!

Jason in front of his Live Life Colorfully mural in Brooklyn! (Photo credit: Joel Walker)

What are you currently reading/watching/listening to? Anything exciting or inspiring that you’d recommend?

I am currently reading Purple Cow, by Seth Godin. It’s a book about marketing, and the basic premise and principle of the “purple cow” is that if you develop a product that is inherently unique, it will market/sell itself.

If you can only pick one thing, what do you want readers to take away from Live Life Colorfully?

Joy. Plain and simple.


This week’s spotlight is with Texas-based lawyer and science fiction writer Christopher Brown, author of Failed State, the second dystopian legal thriller from the author of the acclaimed Rule of Capture and Tropic of Kansas, in which defense lawyer Donny Kimoe juggles two intertwined cases whose outcomes will determine the course of America’s future — and his own.

Author Christopher Brown is learning to play to lute in lockdown
  1. What are you currently reading, watching, listening to?

CB: I’ve been binging on ecologically-themed works across a variety of genres as I spec out my next fiction project. This includes some remarkable recent novels by Latin American women writers that use some…

As the 2020–21 school year kicks off, it’s clear that many kids’ lessons will continue to include distance-learning. Whether this is an opportunity to continue a method that has worked well for your kid, or an unexpected challenge, we can all agree that the more engaging learning materials we have to work with, the better.

As we live through what can often seem like one monumental moment after another, it’s vital to contextualize events for kids — both to teach them, and so that they can see that they too are a part of history. That’s why we’ve put together…

Travel around the world without leaving your living room, with these five parent-kid book pairs!

With travel plans cancelled for the foreseeable future, we’re all looking for new ways to feel transported from our homes, without putting our families at risk. That’s where these book duos come into play! With one title for adults and one for kids (ranging from books for younger children to YA for teens), each pair is an opportunity to travel to all kinds of places — around the globe, to real-world inspired fantasy lands, and even through history! …

This week’s spotlight Q&A is with Timothy Jay Smith, author of the romantic thriller, Fire on the Island, published today, July 7, 2020, and described by Publishers Weekly as “the perfect blend of intrigue, romance, and travelogue.”

Tim at the beach in snorkeling regalia (photo credit: Michael Honegger)

What are you currently reading? What music are you listening to?

When my novel, The Fourth Courier, was published last year, I don’t think anyone on my team — editor, agent, publicist and me — thought to promote it as a gay novel. The main character isn’t gay, though he teams up with a black gay CIA agent, who’s the real hero in…

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